By-products generated by company’s most modern milling set up


Sri Venkateswara Rice Industry has in place significant infrastructure and years of expertise to make the most of opportunities that emerge during rice processing. The following are the by-products that are generated by the company’s most modern milling set up during all levels of rice processing.

Husk: Outer hull of paddy grain comes out as husk upon processing and it is a valuable biomass fuel for boilers in power production and generation of steam.

Bran: It’s a bran layer in grains that comes out upon further processing while polishing rice grains. It is a valuable source of raw material for solvent extraction as rice bran oil. Bran as such is rich cattle feed.

Bran with tiny broken grains: This by-product occurs during processing of rice and it is a rich poultry feed.

Broken rice: Sometimes during rice processing, grains get broken down and come out as broken rice pieces. Parboiled rice broken pieces are mainly used as a raw material for making Idly Rava. Raw rice broken pieces again can be a rich poultry feed and can be a valuable raw material for rice flour as well.

Rejected rice: Its a discoloured grain product obtained after sorting out best rice. It is mainly used as a poultry feed.

Apart from the above by-products, ash from the boiler is used in brick industry as an ingredient in their formula.