The harmonious logo and the befitting tagline capture the essence of SVRI in a straight forward style and serve as an invitation to embrace the quality life.
  • The paddy panicle represents golden harvest – a fulfilment of the farmers’ collective effort for achieving community prosperity, and also expresses in a shining manner the superior offerings of the company.
  • The green wheel symbolises green revolution through most modern technologies that are applied at every stage – from collecting the finest quality paddy and processing it comprehensively to make rice and by-products to packaging to ensure best taste, high quality and pristine purity.
  • The striding sacred white elephant, which denotes strength, power, stability and wisdom, summarises the mission and vision of the company – to enable superior consumer experience and to surge ahead as one of India’s most trustworthy rice producers. The saluting trunk, a symbol of good fortune, profoundly welcomes one and all with lotus flower, a common symbol of purity.