A company with a long and proud history

As a name to reckon with in rice and paddy products, SVRI has a long and proud history. The company’s roots lie in Shri Valluri Surya Parkasa Rao garu’s family that was involved in agriculture and traditional food processing since many generations.

1998 – The year of creation

Fast forward to 1988, and Shri Valluri Surya Parkasa Rao garu envisioned a thriving rice milling business. By the divine blessings of Lord Sri Venkateswara Swami varu, he started Sri Venkateswara Traders, a proprietorship firm, and took on lease a rice mill named Sri Venkateswra Rice Mill in Aratlakatta village, located near Kakinada in East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh.
Though the early years were not easy and brought with them a number of challenges. But owing to his untiring initiatives, he overcame all hurdles and successfully acquired market share for his quality of raw rice. However, the limited capacity of the leased raw rice mill had limited his output turnover.

1996 – The year of expansion

But it wasn’t until 8 years later, in 1996, that Shri. Valluri Surya Prakasa Rao garu decided to extend the capacity to reach more customers through his quality offerings. And this time he found an ally in his wife Smt Krishna Tulasi garu. Together as a team they took on lease a slightly higher capacity raw rice milling unit named Bhaskar Padma Rice Mill, Turangi in Kakinada and began operations as a partnership firm.
The fresh challenges further shaped the new company’s fortunes and it began tasting success and emerged prosperous. From these testing times and initial setbacks rose a company whose name is now synonymous with quality rice products – as the managing partners had hands on business experience for par-boiled rice milling.

2007 – The year of consolidation

Thus in 2007 Sri Venkatewswara Rice Industry (SVRI) was conceived as another partnership firm by the successful husband-wife team of Shri. Surya Prakasa Roa garu and his wife. They utilised their years of expertise and devoted their time and energies with the grand vision to build a company of sustainability and unheard of growth.
A first ever company owned rice mill located in Peddapuram, East Godavari, India, SVRI has both raw and parboiled rice milling set up in the same unit with a capacity of 150 MTs per day for each of the raw and parboiled rice production set ups. What’s more, today SVRI is a means of livelihood for thousands of people and a source of financial stability for the communities associated with it.